West Side Place stage 2 now settling

March 30, 2023

West Side Place stage 2 now settling. West Side Place is a marquee residential complex in the heart of Melbourne CBD developed by Far East Consortium Australia offers a world-class living experience to its residents, complete with rooftop amenities, restaurants, and an abundance of communal spaces that foster community lifestyle and engagement. Stage 1 was completed in 2020 comprising of 1,387 apartments and now Stage 2 constructed by Multiplex of more than 1,500 apartments, is settling this month. We are thrilled to be appointed as the technology platform (App) for the entire West Side Place complex. Stage 2 also includes The Dorsett Hotel adding to the impressive list of amenities available to residents and guests. Put simply, our WE Wumbo App is a Digital Concierge, Community & Social and Smart Automations to truly create a lifestyle “smart building / smart community” that is now a new standard benchmark for luxury high-end vertical communities.